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heaven in her mouth

2017-03-26 10:56:10 by RB

got a hell of a tounge

A Rated art is disguisting

2017-03-25 04:52:32 by RB

How can a human being find that shit arousing? Most of it makes me sick. 

fuck it feels good to be back

2017-03-23 17:47:51 by RB

After a shitload of time, I'll finally go to Toronto. Home sweet home.

les memes

2017-03-14 06:14:15 by RB

They fill a dark hole of my heart.

Alternative to Wacom?

2016-06-05 05:41:06 by RB

So my old Wacom Intuos 2 doesn't work. I had 2 animations that I wanted to realese this summer, and now I can't. I  have  only $60 to buy a new one, does anyone know what tablet I can get for that cheap?


2016-05-05 13:10:01 by RB

May Pico be with you!

Help With Hard Drive?

2016-04-19 13:37:53 by RB

So my hard drive got corrupted, I have almost 3 years of work in there (animations, films, stuff I've written) and also some family photos. It's really important I get it recovered. If you can help, PLEASE PM ME!


Btw new YT video

I've been here for 2 years now!

2016-03-31 04:53:54 by RB

Yay, I guess!

New video

2016-03-19 09:10:40 by RB

So, I uploaded a new video on my YouTube. 

So, check it out if you please?

To you who are reading

2016-02-06 06:03:54 by RB

I have some shit to say.

a) I opened a YouTube channel, and there is where I'll upload live action stuff and the animatons too, of course I am going to uplaod here. ( My channel's called DodLe)

b) I'm working on a new animation with two other guys.

c) I just upgraded my studio.

d) I will focus more on live action.